BenefitEd Offers Partnership Opportunity With AllCampus

Posted on: May 28, 2024

Helping your employees obtain higher education goals or retooling them for new roles is a great way to boost engagement, retention, and productivity. Simply offering a tuition reimbursement program isn’t enough to guarantee success. There are many strategies to help your plan succeed by increasing the number of employees who participate and complete their programs of study.

One strategy is partnering with institutions that are experienced in working with adult learners who are also full- or part-time employees. That’s why BenefitEd has partnered with AllCampus, a program administrator that collaborates with dozens of leading top-ranked higher education institutions to build and offer online and hybrid programs designed to pair students and employers based on graduation and employer data. Universities like Purdue University, Boston University, Vanderbilt University, The George Washington University, and Middle Tennessee State University, to name a few, are partners of AllCampus, which has been around for nearly a decade.

Why Partner With AllCampus?

While tuition reimbursement and assistance programs have been evolving, they still offer several challenges to employees, including:

  • Difficulty attending in-person classes with a work schedule and commitments of a personal life.
  • Unpreparedness for the academic rigors of classroom work while working a job.
  • Challenges managing time for classes, assignments, work obligations, and life commitments.
  • An employee’s fear of signing up/having to pay back fees if they don’t make the required grade.
  • Failing to see how classroom work applies to life in a career.
  • Complicated enrollment and reimbursement processes with tuition reimbursement program.
  • Challenges managing the cost of tuition and waiting until later for employer reimbursement.

A partnership with AllCampus can leave the task of overcoming many of these challenges to the AllCampus team. Meanwhile, the employer successfully implements a data-driven tuition assistance program that produces a more educated, engaged, productive, and loyal workforce.

AllCampus offers partnerships with learning providers, including:

  • 250+ debt-free degree programs for partner employees with tuition reimbursement ($5,250+ per employee per year)
  • Up to 30% off tuition with exclusive pre-negotiated tuition rates.
  • Over 500 online degree programs available from selected universities such as University of Florida, Indiana Wesleyan University, The University of Arizona, DePaul University, PACE University, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, USC, and more.
  • Debt-free options for health care programs.
  • Flexibility to offer employees both debt-free programs and those that are not debt-free.

In addition to tuition discounts, the prime advantage of working with AllCampus includes the tremendous administrative support of an employer support team. This team consists of an implementation specialist; an account manager; a corporate communication specialist; and an education services team.

The implementation specialist ensures a seamless transition for employer and employees, the account manager is responsible for growth of the program, and the corporate communication specialist works with the account manager to design and deploy campaigns to raise awareness and engagement within the program.

The education services team works largely with employees. This team consists of a pre-enrollment education benefit advisor that helps an employee understand school and program options, assists with tuition reimbursement questions, applications, admissions, enrollment, and tuition planning.

The employee also works with an education success coach, who provides career-aligned education support, coordinates with the school and the company on the employee’s behalf, and supports timely reimbursement processing. They help the employee navigate time management challenges, career guidance, and accessing resources such as academic tutoring.

Next Steps

BenefitEd offers a highly customizable Tuition Reimbursement product to help you administer a successful tuition reimbursement program for your employees. Contact your BenefitEd representative to learn more about how working with AllCampus can help you enhance participation and degree completion among those who participate in your tuition reimbursement program, helping employees take full advantage of this benefit and boosting your return on investment.