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Student Loan Repayment ROI Calculator

Calculate the savings you could see with an employer-assisted student loan repayment program.



9 Tips for Financial Wellness

Know where your money goes. Be aware of how you are spending your money.



Benefit Talk: Could Student Loan Repayment Become The New 401(k)?

The emerging practice of employers helping their workers pay off student loans may soon get a major boost.




10 Things You Should Know About Student Loans

Minimize loans as much as possible. Take advantage of all grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities available to you before you borrow student loans. Your financial aid advisor can help you borrow only what you need.

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4 Reasons to Ask Employees for Input on Benefits Decisions

When making decisions, it’s nice to have choices. Before dining at a new restaurant, purchasing a vehicle or investing in a vacation, often people ask friends for advice and do their own research before making their final decision. At work, most people also want to be involved in decisions, especially choices for health and wellness benefits. Consider four reasons to ask employees for input:

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5 Ways to Improve Employee Benefits Communication

Open enrollment for insurance benefits is an excellent time for employers to engage employees and build relationships. While employees like the freedom to select their benefits coverage, they still rely on employers to help them make sense of the details.

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4 Reasons Employers Should Invest Company Savings on Employees

Whether your company is benefiting from corporate tax overhaul, growing due to a merger or acquisition, or you had a banner year in sales, consider reinvesting those earnings with your employees. Learn about some progressive ways to enhance recruitment and retention, and have a positive impact on your associates. Here are 4 reasons employers should invest company savings on employees.

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4 Ways Benefits Assist Educators With Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting talented educators and support staff is challenging work. Retaining them can be just as difficult. Studies show that 59 percent of academic institutions have trouble retaining top faculty and 69 percent have problems keeping staff. Educational institutions find that providing benefits employees want encourages them to stay. In fact, a Society for Human Resource Management survey confirmed that in the last 12 months, nearly 20 percent of employers had modified their benefits programs to keep employees on board. Consider four ways to enhance benefits.

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6 Benefits and Perks Employees Value

Employee benefits can influence workers’ decisions when choosing a new job or staying with a current employer. According to 2016 Glassdoor research, 4 in 5 employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay raise. The researchers also found that some benefits matter more to employees than others. Here’s a list of six preferred benefits and perks:

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