Employer-Assisted Student Loan Repayment

By helping employees pay back student loans through making regular, monthly payments, employers can recruit, engage, and retain more educated, productive, and focused employees.

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Benefits of Partnering with BenefitEd

Customize the Plan to Your Needs

You have option to choose which employees receive the loan repayment benefit – and how much you contribute to each of them.

Decrease Recruitment Costs

With a differentiated, unique benefits package, you gain a recruitment edge that helps you attract the best candidates while helping them work toward financial freedom.

Engage and Retain Employees

By addressing a core need to pay down student loan debt, you increase employee engagement and retain educated employees.

Minimize Administration for Your Team

With BenefitEd’s experienced team, implementation is simple – and we handle program administration and support, too.

How the Program Works

Employee Student Loan Payment

Employees are responsible for making their regular minimum monthly student loan payment.

Employer Contribution with BenefitEd

Employers send an additional contribution amount to BenefitEd, which is applied to the student loan.

Financial Benefits for Employees

With the employer’s contribution, the employee’s student loan is paid off faster – and they save money on interest over the life of the loan, too.

Employer Impact/Benefits

This program attracts candidates, builds loyalty, and keeps educated employees who appreciate help with the stress of student loan repayment.

Getting Started is Simple



We help you identify which employees carry student loan debt, and help create a benefit package based on your unique needs. It’s completely customizable – you decide:

  • Who’s eligible for the benefit.
  • How long eligible employees will have the benefit.
  • How much you’ll contribute per employee.
  • How often you’ll make contributions.


Easy Plan

At BenefitEd, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. As an employer, all you need to do is:

  • Provide the employee enrollment file.
  • Verify employee status and provide a lump sum payment.

BenefitEd will provide outreach and collect information from employees, distribute payments and notify employees when to expect payments and deposits.


Payment Plan Reporting and Results

BenefitEd tracks the impact on employee retention.

  • Monthly enrollment reports help you keep tabs on your loan repayment program.
  • Employees receive email confirmation that payment has been made, reinforcing the program value.

I’m very thankful that our company would do a student loan repayment program using BenefitEd. It makes me feel valued as an employee and that they’re actually investing in us. The process wasn’t hard at all. Everything just linked together when I signed up and I get that paid every month for me.

Andrea Brown
Care Coordinator Lead, Summit Community Care

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easy to find answers to your questions about creating and implementing your employee benefits programs. Here are common questions we encounter.

Any employer can offer it to any employees who have student loan debt, or to a specific subset of employees. For example, an employer could offer student loan repayment to attract and retain talent in certain positions that require specialized training or where recruitment is more difficult.
Federal and private student loans that are in your name (not a parent or guardian’s) qualify to receive payments. Private student loans must be with a student loan provider rather than with a personal bank. International student loans do not qualify under this program.
The contribution amount varies by organization, based on their budget. We see contributions from $25 to $1,200 per month. The most common is $100/month.