Support Solutions

We offer Student Loan Refinance, student loan expertise, and our Resource Center with this stand-alone offering or in addition to our full suite of education benefits programs.

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Benefits of Partnering with BenefitEd

Receive Extra Support

Free to employers offering any of our programs to their employees, our Support Solutions are also available at a nominal cost to other employers. You’ll have a smart student loan refinance partnership plus useful industry updates, whitepapers, and thought leadership pieces to help you use benefits to attract, retain, and engage employees.

Offer Financial Guidance for Your Employees

Recent surveys show more employees wish employers would provide help with understanding how to pay for past, present, and future education while saving for retirement and other financial goals. Our student loan expertise offers a unique edge in helping employees learn how to manage finances and balance competing goals.

Guide Employees Toward a Trusted Partnership

Refer your employees who are considering student loan refinance to Nelnet Bank for the competitive rates and exceptional service they deserve.

Our Solutions


Student Loan Refinance

BenefitEd has partnered with trusted lender Nelnet Bank to offer student loan refinancing at competitive rates and flexible terms for your employees who are ready to put student loans in their rearview mirror. Nelnet Bank offers:

  • .25% off their competitive rates with enrollment in auto debit (see disclaimer).
  • No application, origination, or prepayment fees on their loans.
  • Diverse loan terms and payment assistance programs.


Student Loan Expertise

Many of today’s employees are juggling their own student loan debt, helping with their children’s education, and saving for retirement. We offer student loan expertise that can provide clarity and stress relief to your employees who need help balancing multiple financial priorities.

We set up coaching sessions with employees to help them evaluate where they are with student loan repayment. Our experts help them get to a better spot with strategies and plans so they can get on track to achieve other financial goals and priorities.


Resource Center

Tax laws, policies that impact employee benefits, technology, and events impacting student loans and the workplace all change quickly. It’s hard to stay on top of it all while you’re creating, administering, and measuring the impact of your benefits programs. Our Resource Center offers:

  • Articles and whitepapers on topics related to recruitment and retention strategies, employee engagement, and more.
  • Case studies that demonstrate how other companies have used BenefitEd programs.
  • FAQs that answer questions about education benefits and our specific programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For employers who partner with BenefitEd to offer one or more of our programs, Support Solutions is free to their employees. This service also available at a nominal fee for other employers who wish to provide this valuable service at no cost to their employees.
Any employee can be eligible. We’re happy to help with questions related to their student loans – and to help them balance student loan repayment with their other financial goals and needs.
Nelnet Bank’s mission is to help families achieve their dreams with financial knowledge and access to education. For employees who can benefit from student loan refinancing, working with a trusted partner like Nelnet Bank can save them money in interest over time and simplify student loan repayment.

Loans are provided by Nelnet Bank, Member FDIC. BenefitEd may receive compensation for funded loans referred to Nelnet Bank.