Tuition Reimbursement

Help employees continue their education and gain a smarter, more skilled and productive workforce. With BenefitEd acting as a third-party administrator, we free up time for your benefits administrators to spend elsewhere.

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Benefits of Partnering with BenefitEd

Reward a More Skilled and Educated Workforce

To stay competitive, evolving technology requires today’s employers to retool and retrain employees to keep them productive and engaged. Supporting continued education is a great retention strategy because you’re more likely to promote from within.

Measure Program Impact

With our user-friendly administrative platform, you’ll have easy access to detailed analytics on participation and outcomes so you can track program success.

Receive Support from Our Team

Your assigned account manager and support team make implementation and administration simple – and provide help at every step.

How the Program Works

Employee Applies for the Program

Employee reviews the company-specific program guidelines before filling out an application. When they’re ready to begin the program, the employee sets up an account with BenefitEd by creating a username and password, and fills out an application for program approval.

Employee Completes the Course

If approved for the program, the employee’s application status changes to “Approved” in their employee dashboard. Once approved, the employee then completes their coursework and submits the program reimbursement form to BenefitEd.

BenefitEd Coordinates Reimbursement

BenefitEd reviews the tuition reimbursement form against program guidelines and works with the employer for approval and payment coordination.

Getting Started is Simple


Program Design

We work with you to identify which employees are eligible based on your tuition reimbursement policy, and help create a benefits package based on your unique needs. It’s completely customizable – you decide:

  • Who’s eligible for the benefit.
  • How long eligible employees will have the benefit.
  • How much you’ll reimburse per employee.
  • How often you’ll make reimbursements.


Easy Plan Implementation

At BenefitEd, we do the heavy lifting so employees and employers can focus on other important tasks. All employees need to do is:

  • Apply for the program (if eligible).
  • Verify course completion with BenefitEd.

BenefitEd will provide outreach to help onboard employees, notify employees how reimbursements will be made, and distribute reimbursements to accounts (with employer approval).


Reporting and Follow-up

We make sure employers can gauge the impact of tuition reimbursement on their organization – and that employees are reminded of the educational assistance they’re receiving from their employer.

  • Monthly enrollment reports help you keep tabs on program activity, as well as track program impact on employee retention.
  • Employees receive email confirmation that reimbursement has been made, reinforcing the program value.

The rollout was excellent and very easy. Since then, the monthly lift on our end has been minimal. We are very happy with BenefitEd and would 100% recommend them!

Alexandra Tesser
Senior Consultant, Dalberg

BenefitEd Helps Summit Community Care Improve Retention

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easy to find answers to your questions about creating and implementing your employee benefits programs. Here are common questions we encounter.

By investing in their employees’ growth and development, employers can help increase retention and reduce turnover. This benefit also helps employers promote more talent from within, instead of outside talent – helping their bottom line.
BenefitEd acts as a third-party administrator of the program, freeing up valuable company time. Employers can be confident their tuition reimbursement program will be handled smoothly, while employees can focus on more important work.
Employers can choose their own criteria to determine which employees are eligible.