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Student Loan Repayment in Electronic Manufacturing

When one electronic manufacturing company found themselves in need of a new recruiting and retention strategy, they found exactly what they needed with BenefitEd’s employer-funded student loan...

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CARES Act: FAQs on Tax-Free Employer Contributions

CARES Act Student Loan Benefit FAQ The passing of the CARES Act, specifically the amendment to Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code, allows tax-free employer contributions...

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2020 Election Puts Spotlight on Student Loan Repayment

As the 2020 election heats up, candidates voice their proposed plans for dealing with the 44 million borrowers who owe $1.6 trillion in student loan debt today....

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5 Unexpected Ways to Help Employees with Student Loan Payments

Student loan repayment assistance is one of the top benefits employees want. Some workers search for employers who offer student loan help when looking for a new...

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3 Ways Employers Can Help Workers Manage Debt and Pursue Goal

American adults of all ages are impacted by student loans. They struggle with the stress of making their monthly debt payments and affording basic living expenses like...

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Offer Education Benefits to Help Employees with Student Loans

Employees are financially stressed. They worry about stretching their paycheck to cover all their monthly costs and many have just enough to make student loan debt payments...

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Unexpected Impacts of Student Loan Debt on Workers

Many student loan borrowers are struggling to repay their debts, and it’s affecting their daily lives. Consider the unexpected impact of student loan debt on employees.

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How to Boost Diversity, Recruitment, and Engagement

The war for talented employees remains a top priority for employers. Companies are also recognizing the need to increase the diversity of their workforce. Offering competitive pay,...

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4 Ways Employers Can Support Workers With Student Loans

Nearly 70% of college students with bachelor’s degrees graduate with student loans. The Federal Reserve reports that over 44 million American adults owe $1.5 trillion in student...

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Engaging Healthcare Employees Boosts Retention, Improves Patient Satisfaction

Despite offering hiring bonuses, referral rewards, and benefits and perks, healthcare organizations still struggle to find and keep talented employees. Most hospitals report employee turnover is over...

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