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Employer Loan Assistance Building Bright Financial Futures

Today’s workforce is burdened with student loan debt, and employers are looking for ways to provide relief. BenefitEd offers a simple solution with student loan repayment programs....

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Offsite linkStudent Loan Assistance Preference Over Retirement Benefits

With high-profile employers such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers​ and Fidelity Investments launching student loan repayment programs for employees​, hundreds more will likely do the same this year.1 Young adults, particularly those...

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Engage Millennials: Student Loan Debt Repayment Benefit

Employers are searching for solutions to keep millennial employees engaged with their work. A recent Jobvite survey showed that 42 percent of millennials change jobs every 1...

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Employee Benefits Trends for a Supportive Work Environment

Jennifer Benz, thought leader on benefits communication, talks about benefits trends and creating a supportive work environment for employees. Trends include the opportunity to be a positive...

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Increasing Employee Retention With These 6 Tips

Signs of economic growth are encouraging American businesses to expand operations and hire more workers. But employers know an improved economy can inspire current employees to look...

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Benefit Communication Education Tactics

In this video, Jennifer Benz, thought leader on benefits communication, discusses benefits trends and communication tactics. She addresses demographic segments and tailored messaging, as well as new...

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Offsite linkBenefit Communication Improvement Steps

Open enrollment for insurance benefits is an excellent time for employers to engage employees and build relationships. While employees like the freedom to select their benefits coverage,...

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Offsite linkBenefits Impact Employee Performance and Productivity

You can increase employee productivity by creating a work environment that provides challenging responsibilities and assistance with health and personal needs.

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Offsite linkBenefitEd Launch Offers Employers Student Loan Benefits

BenefitEd, a Nelnet company, has created a program to help employers offer student loan repayment as an employee benefit. It leverages Nelnet's existing relationships with loan providers...

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Offsite linkBenefitEd Ameritas Partnership for Loan Repayment Benefits

Ameritas and Nelnet announced today a joint venture to own and expand BenefitEd, a student loan repayment benefit company. BenefitEd, founded by the Nelnet Innovation Hub in...

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