Frequently Asked Questions

Tax-Free Benefits

Student loan benefits can be offered tax free. Employers can contribute up to $5,250 per employee per year.

While employers can contribute tax free, payroll contributions by employees are post-tax deductions.

There are many creative structures for programs. BenefitEd can help you explore which opportunities best fit your goals and determine what any tax ramifications might be.

Student loan forgiveness has been a popular political topic. At some point, some portion of student loan debt may be forgiven. For many employees – especially new employees – student loan debt will continue to be an issue, and student loan benefits are an extremely effective recruitment and retention tool.

Program Implementation & Integration

Implementation is very simple and usually happens over a span of about 30 days. Connect with us to learn about the process and talk to some of our current clients about their implementation experience.

Education benefits are simple to implement and provide a clear value to your business and employees. Typically, the implementation process takes about 30 days.

The hours vary from fully automated programs to about one hour per month.

Yes, we can integrate with BenAdmin systems. Connect with us to learn more.

Yes, we can integrate with payroll systems. Connect with us to learn more.

Yes, our platform provides robust reporting.

Laws for how to approach this vary by state, but BenefitEd can assist in defining these details of your program.

Employers have reduced their turnover rates by over 66%. We have many ROI studies we can share to support BenefitEd program results, too. Please reach out if you’d like to see any.

Employee & Employer Contribution

Yes, BenefitEd's technology allows for maximum flexibility to differentiate contributions for employees based on your program goals.

You can change or amend a program with us as often as you would like.

The contribution amount varies by organization, based on their budget. We see contributions from $25-$1,200 per month. The most common is $100/month.

BenefitEd's Employee Choice program allows employees who do not use all available retirement match dollars to receive a match to their student loan.

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